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Part 1 of Research Guide

I. Basic Information
    A. Historical Overview
         1. Overview Collections
         2. Historical Document Collections
         3. Timelines
         4. Individual Documents
               a. General Historical and Analytical Documents
               b. For American Jews
               c. Works that Lay Bare the Truth
                       ----Compare Israeli government position papers
                       ----Conversion stories
         5. Books
               a. Bibliographies and Book Lists
               b. Organizations that Sell Books
         ---Current casualty figures
    C. Maps
    D. Portal Sites
    E. Updates from the Occupied Territories

II. Commentary and Background Information
     A. Middle East-Specific Sites
     B. Progressive and Anti-War Sites
     C. Particular Writers
         Sidebar: Israel Shahak
         ---Some US mainstream commentators
    D. Selected Political Commentary

III. Deir Yassin Massacre; Other Zionist/Israeli Massacres and Terrorism
      A. Massacres
      B. Some Other Acts of Terror
      C. General Sources on Zionist/Israeli Massacres and Other Terrorism

Sidebar: Palestinian Massacres of Jews

IV. Israeli Occupation of the Golan Heights
      A. Websites
      B. Articles and News Stories

V. Israel's Occupation of, and History of Aggression against,
    A. Generally
         1. Websites
         2. Articles
    B. Documents
    C. Hizbollah
       ---Official sites
       ---Other resources
    D. Hostages Held by Israel
    E. Khiam Prison
    F. News
    G. Massacre at Qana
         1. Websites
         2. Articles
    H. Massacre at Sabra and Shatila; Belgian Lawsuit against
       Ariel Sharon
         1. Organizations
         2. Websites
         3. Articles
    I. Shebaa Farms

Part 2 of Research Guide

VI. Israel's Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip
    A. Palestinian Lives
         1. Generally
              a. Organizations
              b. Photographs and Videos
                 ---Undated and ongoing collections
                 ---Photographs and videos with a date
              c. Websites
              d. Reports
                 ---Individual reports
              e. Accounts of Daily Life

Part 3 of Research Guide

         2. Children under the Occupation
              a. Organizations
              b. Websites
              c. Articles
         3. Closures and Checkpoints
              a. Websites
              b. Articles
         4. Curfews
         5. Destruction of Palestinian Civil Society in the March
            29 Invasion
         6. -----Assault on Jenin
              a. Human Rights Agencies' Reports
              b. Newspaper and Magazine Reports and Commentary
              c. Commentary Denying or Diminishing the Atrocities
         7. Economy
         8. Education
               a. Websites and Organizations
               b. Articles
         9. Health Care
         10. Judiciary
         11. Resistance Movements
               a. Generally
                  ---Resource collections
                  ---Individual resources
               b. al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade
               c. Democratic Front for the Liberation of
               d. Fatah; Tanzim
                    ---Official resources
                    ---Other resources
                    Sidebar: The "Ramallah Six"
               e. Hamas
                    ---Official/semi-officia/resource collections
                    ---Other resources
               f. Islamic Jihad
               g. Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
               h. Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-
                  General Command
               i. Other organizations represented on the
                  Palestine National Council
         12. Suicide Bombers
               a. News and Analysis
               b. The "Arafat Papers"
               c. American Editorials
               d. Information on the Bombings
                    ---Particular bombings
         13. Water Resources
               ---Other resources

    B. Israeli Lawlessness
         1. Generally
              a. Organizations
              b. Websites
              c. Articles
              d. Human Rights Reports
                   (1) Amnesty International
                   (2) Human Rights Watch
                   (3) U.S. State Department
                   (4) Palestinian Centre for Human Rights
                   (5) LAW
              Sidebar: Crimes against Americans
         2. Assassinations and Executions
              a. Assassinations
                 ---Individual resources
              b. Executions
         3. Attacks on, and Obstruction of, Journalists
              a. Organizations
              b. Websites
              c. Organizational Statements and Reports
                 ---Individual resources
              d. Newspaper Stories and Other Accounts
         4. Attacks on, and Obstruction of, Medical Care
              a. Organizations
              b. Organizational Statements and Reports
              c. Newspaper Stories and Other Accounts
         5. Attacks on Palestinian Civilians; Use as Human
              a. Generally
                 ---Individual resources
                    Sidebar: Two of the victims
              b. Use as Human Shields
         6. Deportation
            ---"The Bethlehem 13"
            ---Prior Peportations
         7. Eviction from Homes
         8. Home Demolition
              a. Organizations
              b. Websites
              c. Articles
            Sidebar: Destruction of Palestinians' Livelihood
         9. Obstruction of Humanitarian Aid
         10. Prisons and Prisoners; Torture
              a. Generally
                 ---Other resources
              b. Administrative Detention
              c. Prison Conditions; Particular Prisons
              d. Torture
                   (1) Organizations
                   (2) Websites
                   (3) Articles
         11. Settlements
               a. Generally
                    (1) Websites
                    (2) Maps
                    (3) Articles
               b. Particular Settlements
                    (1) Hebron
                    (2) Jerusalem area
                    (3) Other particular settlements
               Sidebar: Resistance operations
         12. Settler Violence
               a. Websites
               b. Articles

    C. Israeli Soldiers Who Refuse to Serve in the Occupied
         1. Organizations
         2. Articles
         Sidebar: The Israeli Military

    D. International Peace Activists
         1. Organizations
            ---Main organization
            ---Local organizations affiliated with ISM
            ---More information on ISM
            ---Groups other than ISM
         2. Articles
            ---Other resources

Part 4 of Research Guide

VII. Leadership Profiles
    A. Israeli Leadership
         1. Ariel Sharon
         2. Other Leaders
    B. Palestinian Leadership
         1. Generally
            ---Resource collections
            ---Other resources
         2. Particular Leaders
              a. Yassir Arafat
              b. Marwan Barghouti
                   (1) Organizations
                   (2) Articles
              c. Other Leaders
         3. Human Rights Reports
              a. Amnesty International
              b. Human Rights Watch
              c. U.S. State Department
              d. Other Reports

VIII. Media Analysis
    A. U.S. Media, and Western Media in General
         1. General Analysis
              a. Organizations
              b. Articles
         2. "Homicide Bomber" Expression
              a. Bush Administration's Adoption of Expression
              b. Prior Use by Zionist Organizations
         3. Claim that U.S. Media is Pro-Palestinian
    B. U.S. Media Coverage Compared to Coverage Elsewhere
    C. British Media
         1. Organizations
         2. Articles
    D. Other Countries' Media

IX. News
    A. News Sources and Websites Devoted to Middle East News
       ----Individual News Sources
    B. Particular Commerical Media Outlets
         1. Newspapers and Magazines
            ---Arab World
         2. Wire services

X. Organizations
    A. Based in the U.S.
         1. Academic and Educational
         2. Activist--Community Organizations
            ---Individual organizations
         3. Activist--Student Organiations
         4. Arab-American
         5. Charitable
         6. Human Rights
         7. Islamic
         8. Jewish
         9. -----Anti-Zionist
         10. Jewish-Palestinian Dialog
         11. Mainstream
         12. Religious

    B. Based in the Middle East
         1. Joint Israeli-Palestinian
         2. Israeli
              a. Peace; Activist; Human Rights
                 ---Individual groups
              b. Arab Civil Rights
              c. Refuseniks
         3. Palestinian
              a. Activist; Peace; Human Rights
                 ---Individual groups
              b. Colleges and Universities
                    ---Other educational organizations
              c. Cultural
              d. Government
              e. Health and Medical
              f. Media
              g. Religious
              h. Research
              i. Women's
              j. Other Organizations
         4. Other Middle East Countries

    C. Based Elsewhere
       ---New Zealand
       ---South Africa

XI. Palestinian Refugees and the Right to Return
    A. Palestinian Villages Destroyed in 1948
    B. Organizations
    C. Websites
    D. Maps
    E. Articles
       ---Individual resources

XII. Palestinians Living in Israel; Israeli Apartheid
    A. Organizations
    B. Websites
    C. Articles
    D. Human Rights Reports
         1. Human Rights Watch
         2. U.S. State Department

Sidebar: Political Repression in Israel

XIII. Peace Process
    A. Document Collections
    B. The Beirut Declaration, And Other Arab Peace Initiatives
         ---Earlier Proposals
    C. Camp David II (July 11-14, 2000)
         1. Follow-up Talks at Taba (January, 2001)
         2. The Myth of Barak's "Generous Offer"
    D. Oslo and its Failure
       ---Resource collections
       ---Other resources
    E. U.S. Diplomacy, Generally
       ---"Mitchell" and "Tenet"
       ---Other resources
    Sidebar: Israel's Political Strategy
        ---West Bank Fence
        ---Isolating Yasser Arafat

XIV. Publications
    A. From the U.S.
    B. From Israel or Palestine
    C. From Other Countries

XV. School Textbook Wars
    A. Studies of Both Israeli and Palestinian Textbooks
       ---Individual Resources
    B. Studies of Israeli Textbooks
    C. Studies of Palestinian School Textbooks
         1. The CMIP Attack That Launched the Propaganda Campaign
         2. The Response
         3. Other Articles

XVI. United Nations Documents and Resources
    A. News
    B. Organizations
    C. Security Council Resolutions
         1. Adopted Resolutions
         2. Resolutions Vetoed by the U.S.
    Sidebar: Resolutions of other U.N. bodies
    D. Israel's Relationship with the U.N.

XVII. U.S.-Israel Relationship
    A. U.S. Aid to Israel
         1. Organizations
         2. Websites
         3. Articles
    B. Analysis of the "Special Relationship"
         1. Generally
         2. American Arab Community
         3. American Jewish Community
         4. Christian Community Involvement
         5. Congress
         6. Israeli Lobby--Generally
         7. --Particular Electoral Campaigns
         8. Palestinian Representation
         9. Public Opinion
    Sidebar: The International Reaction to Israel's Conduct
    C. Israeli "Art Student" Spies in the U.S.
    D. Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty
         1. Major Sites
         2. Crew members' sites
         3. Articles and Commentary
         4. Zionist Denials
         5. Miscellaneous Sites

XVIII. Zionist-Agenda Sites