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Note: Current news stories are classified to the appropriate section. Most are in section VI.

I. Basic Information
     A. Historical Overview
     B. Human Rights
          Casualty Figures

     C. Maps
     D. Portal Sites
     E. Updates from the
          Occupied Territories

II. Commentary and Deeper
     General Information

         A. Middle East-Specific

         B. Progressive and
              Anti-War Sites

         C. Particular Writers
                 Sidebar: Israel Shahak
         D. Selected Political

III. Deir Yassin Massacre;
       Other Zionist/Israeli

IV. Israel's Occupation of the
      Golan Heights

V. Israel's Occupation of, and
     History of Aggression
     against, Lebanon

         A. Generally
         B. Documents
         C. Hizbollah
         D. Hostages
         E. Khiam Prison
         F. News
         G. Massacre at Qana
         H. Massacre at Sabra
              and Shatila; Belgian
              action against Ariel

         I. Shebaa Farms

VI. Israel's Occupation of the
      West Bank and Gaza

        A. Palestinian Lives
          1. Generally
             a. Organizations
             b. Photographs and

             c. Websites
             d. Reports
             e. Accounts of Daily

          2. Children under the

          3. Closures and

          4. Curfews
          5. Destruction of
              Palestinian Civil
              Society in the
              March 29 Invasion

          6. ----Assault on Jenin
          7. Economy
          8. Education
          9. Health Care
          10. Judiciary
          11. Resistance

          12. Suicide Bombers
          13. Water Resources

     B. Israeli Lawlessness
          1. Generally
                 Sidebar: Crimes
                       against Americans

          2. Assassinations and

          3. Attacks on, and
              Obstruction of,

          4. Attacks on, and
              Obstruction of,
              Medical Care

          5. Attacks on
              Palestinian Civilians;
              Use as Human

          6. Deportations
          7. Eviction from Homes
          8. Home Demolitions
              Sidebar: Destruction of
                   Palestinians' Livelihood

          9. Obstruction of
              Humanitarian Aid

          10. Prisons and
                Prisoners; Torture

          11. Settlements
                 Sidebar: Resistance

12. Settler Violence

     C. Israeli Soldiers Who
          Refuse to Serve in the
          Occupied Territories

               Sidebar: The Israeli

     D. International Peace

VII. Leadership Profiles
     A. Israeli
     B. Palestinian

VIII. Media Analysis
     A. U.S. Media, and
          Western Media in

     B. U.S. Media Coverage
          Compared to Coverage

     C. British Media
     D. Other Countries' Media

IX. News
     A. News Sources and
          Websites Devoted to
          Middle East News

     B. Particular Commercial
          Media Outlets

X. Organizations
     A. Based in the U.S.
     B. Based in the Middle

     C. Based Elsewhere

XI. Palestinian Refugees and
      the Right of Return

XII. Palestinians Living in

             Sidebar: Political
                  Repression in Israel

XIII. Peace Process
     A. Document Collections
     B. The Beirut Declaration
     C. Camp David II
          (July 11-14, 2000);
          Barak's "Generous
     D. Oslo and its Failure
     E. U.S. Diplomacy
           Sidebar: Israel's
               Political Strategy

XIV. Publications

XV. School Textbook Wars

XVI. United Nations
        A. News
        B. Organizations
        C. Security Council

                 Sidebar: Resolutions of
                       Other U.N. Bodies

        D. Israel and the U.N.

XVII. U.S.-Israel Relationship
        A. U.S. Aid to Israel
        B. Analysis of the
            "Special Relationship"

               Sidebar: Reaction of the
                    International Community

        C. Israeli "Art Student"
             Spies in the U.S.

        D. Israeli Attack on the
             USS Liberty

XVIII. Zionist-Agenda Sites

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