I. Background Information
     A. Some Key Resources
          1. A Few Key Websites
          2. Maps of Iraq
          3. Lists of Lies
          4. History of the U.S. Declaration of War on Iraq
          5. U.S./U.K. Governmental Statements on the "Threat" Posed by Iraq
          6. Real Reasons for the Invasion
          7. Legality of the War
          8. Effect of Sanctions on Iraq
          9. Cost of the War and Occupation
          10. Link Lists
     B. News Sources
     C. Photography Collections
     D. Organizations and Dedicated Websites
     E. The United Nations
     F. Other Resources
     G. Media Analysis
     H. Public Opinion

II. Iraq's Alleged Weapons of Mass Destruction

III. Iraq's Alleged Links to al-Qaeda

IV. Humanitarian Consequences of U.S./U.K. Invasion and Occupation
     A. Civilian Casualties
          1. General Resources
          2. Specific Incidents
          3. U.S. Payment of Compensation
          4. U.S. Rules of Engagement
          5. Smart Bombs Aren't
     B. Life in a War Zone
     C. Iraqi POWs and Detainees
     D. Treatment of Journalists
     E. Cluster Bombs and Other Unexploded Munitions
     F. Depleted Uranium (DU) Weapons
     G. Looted Radioactive Materials
     H. Looted Antiquities
     I. Other American Crimes
          1. Beatings
          2. Delay in Releasing Bodies
          3. Denial of Medical Care
          4. Failure to Provide Security
          5. Robbery and Theft
          6. Public Humiliation
          7. Taking Hostages
          8. Threats of Violence
          9. Use of Napalm Bombs
          10. Violation of Rules of War
     J. War Crime Charges against Coalition Personnel

V. Iraqi Resistance
     A. Accounts of the Resistance
     B. Coalition Casualties
     C. U.S. Troop Morale
     D. Saddam and His Family

VI. Iraq's Political Future

VII. Postwar Living Conditions in Iraq

VIII. Status of Particular Populations
     A. Kurdistan: Arabs, Assyrians, Kurds, Turkomen
     B. Christians
     C. Jews
     D. Palestinians
     E. Refugees
     F. Women