Howard Dean Is Not a Progressive

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Kucinich v. Dean, Issue by Issue

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Position on Middle East Issues

Dean's position doesn't differ from Bush's in desiring a settlement on Israeli terms. In calling only for "some" Israeli settlements to be evacuated, he envisions Israel's retaining portions of the West Bank and perhaps the Gaza Strip. In referring to Israel as a "Jewish state," he accepts its ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians in 1947-48. In demanding that "terrorism stop" before peace talks begin, and in condemning Palestinian, but not Israeli, violence, he adopts the Israeli perspective. In declaring that the parties have to settle this themselves, he fully intends to allow Israel to dictate the terms of any settlement.

In short, Howard Dean will only perpetuate the agony of the Middle East. He rejects the international consensus that a peace agreement will require Israel to leave all of the occupied territories.

Dean's Position

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