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Saddam's Fedayeen alive and well: press
Sat Jun 21, 6:17 PM ET
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ERBIL, Iraq (AFP) - Saddam's Fedayeen, the paramilitary fighting force of ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, could soon resurface, a Kurdish weekly reported.

An veteran member of the group told Kurdish weekly Alahali the militia men "are reorganized and ready to carry out attacks against the American forces and destablize the country's security."

"These militiamen have been in contact since June with other Fedayeen members to convince them to join them in these operations, and have offered huge sums of money as compensation," said the man, who used the alias Abu Wael. He said he had been offered a monthly salary of 1,800 dollars but had declined the offer.

Abu Wael said he believed the money was coming from organizations in other Arab countries, which he did not identify.

Since the fall of Saddam in April, US troops have been targeted by shadowy resistance groups. Three soldiers were killed in the past week alone.

A total of 52 US soldiers have been killed in Iraq -- 16 of them in attacks -- since US President George W. Bush declared the war there effectively over on May 1, according to an AFP count from US military statements.

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